Documented projects

Project name Description Actions
Logo Artyom.js Artyom.js Artyom is a Robust Wrapper of the Google Chrome SpeechSynthesis and SpeechRecognition that allows you to create a virtual assistent Read documentation
Logo HoldOn.js HoldOn.js HoldOn is a tiny JS library to create an overlay dinamically with Javascript to prevent the access to the user interface. Read documentation
PHP PNGQuant A wrapper class to work with pngquant with PHP. Read documentation
Cordova Our Code World File Browser A native Android filebrowser (select and create files and folders) for Cordova Read documentation
Cordova Our Code World Material Camera A cordova wrapper for the Android Library Material Camera. Read documentation
Cordova Our Code World SFTP Plugin A free sftp plugin for android cordova Read documentation
internet-available A module to verify if there's an active internet connection with Node.js Read documentation