Artyom is a Robust Wrapper of the Google Chrome SpeechSynthesis and SpeechRecognition that allows you to create a virtual assistent. Create awesome stuff with artyom, build your own Siri,Google Now or Cortana within your web application.

Read a cool article and see a videotutorial of how to use artyom in your website here. The official APIS SpeechSynthesis and SpeechRecognition are actually supported only for Google Chrome (which uses Google Recognition and Synthesis services). Artyom works in Android Chrome Too.

Requires HTTP or HTTPS connection Artyom can't work in local files (file://). If you want a continuous assistent, you'll need to serve your project with a https certificate due to security reasons However if your project uses artyom in NO continuous mode, no https connection is required.

Get started with a videotutorial of how to use artyom in your website here.

  1. FAQ
    1. Why artyom doesn't work in local files
    2. Why artyom.say (speech synthesis) uses the native voice in Mobile devices
    3. Why the voice commands doesn't work in jsfiddle?
  2. Getting started
    1. Introduction
    2. Official Changelog
    3. Requirements
  3. Methods
    1. addCommands
    2. clearGarbageCollection
    3. debug
    4. detectErrors
    5. Device
    6. emptyCommands
    7. fatality
    8. getAvailableCommands
    9. getLanguage
    10. getProperties
    11. getVoices
    12. initialize
    13. isObeying
    14. isRecognizing
    15. isSpeaking
    16. newDictation
    17. newPrompt
    18. obey
    19. on
    20. recognizingSupported
    21. redirectRecognizedTextOutput
    22. remoteProcessorService
    23. removeCommands
    24. repeatLastSay
    25. restart
    26. say
    27. sayRandom
    28. setDebug
    29. shutUp
    30. simulateInstruction
    31. speechSupported
    32. when

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Github information

Github repository
Language JavaScript
Followers: 1207
Description: A voice control - voice commands - speech recognition and speech synthesis javascript library. Create your own siri,google now or cortana with Google Chrome within your website.
Open issues: 75
Forks: 376
Created: 07/27/2015
Last commit: 01/24/2023